About Us

A restaurant fueled by passion and commitment. The owner comes from Software Technology background and has worked for many A+ IB firms at Wall Street for many years. It is just the drive and passion for food that the owners want people to enjoy and what they eat. We have been highly recognized/appreciated by our patrons and local media for our service and flavors. Therefore, we have a very high retention rate and we appreciate our customers for providing us with the opportunity.

At Duke’s Delhi, a Pakistani-Indian Cuisine we are proud to bring you the most authentic flavors and tastes from Karachi to Delhi and most of them are UNMATCHED. There are many reasons why we leave others so far behind, our A Class Customer Service, portioning, free sampling and tasters is one of them. In addition, the exclusive, distinctive tastes from family recipes and having each item whether it is Vegetarian, Non- Veg, Gluten Free or Vegan it has its own special taste and hard to find flavor. We only use customized, premium meats from Halal Butcher Shops cut fresh so the taste and flavors are never compromised. We have been holding high grounds ever since we opened for our friendliness and great taste.

We specialize in the most complex and authentic dishes and take pride in the tastes for our Biryanis, Bihari Kababs, Chicken Tikka Masala, Kheer, Fried or Baked Fish and Qormas. In addition to our verity of Vegetarian and vegan dishes. We are also known for our Falafels, Shawarmas and Samosas. We also offer a wide selection appetizers and catering is also available for all occasions doesn’t matter how small and how big.

You can call in for an order or get it delivered! Click on the Order Online tab above we'll delivery right to your home or office. We are listed on Yelp, Grubhub as well for ease of access.

Looking forward to having you at your favorite Pakistani/Indian Halal Restaurant. Conveniently located across Westfield Train Station.